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a little something new..

what's really funny is that my "crafting" originally began [many years ago] with making handmade cards. i really enjoyed making them but eventually just moved on to frames. i recently had my annual "girls weekend" with my six dearest girlfriends from college. we exchange gifts with each other and this is what i came up with to give this year. because we all really liked them and my girls were so encouraging -- i decided i would put them on the blog! there are five cards with envelopes in each box -- each card completely unique from the next. of course, they share the vintage-y style of my other items and can be personalized with a letter or initials of your choice.

and all chocolateblue proceeds help toward the adoption of our sweet baby girl - so thank you !!

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It's About Time...

I think that it may be well over a year since I have made a new post [several of my friends have brought this to my attention]. Not that anything new or exciting hasn't happened, that isn't the case at all. The Lord is so good to us [all the time] and gives us new and exciting things to be thankful to Him for - everyday! I am certain that we have this part of our stories in common.
Nonetheless, I wanted to share one of the MOST EXCITING parts of our lives right at this moment. We are ADOPTING!! We are waiting on the Lord to bring our baby girl home to us.. or rather, to go get her! We dreamed about adoption while we were dating, considered adoption after our boys came into our lives (and there was no sign of a little girl anywhere), and began praying for our daughter a little less than a year ago.
Isabel, our daughter, baby sister -- has already made her way into ALL of our hearts as we wait patiently for the Lord to bring her to us. We are hoping to meet her by this time next year, but we know and trust that God has His perfect timing.
Thank you for your prayers for our daughter as well as the millions of other orphans that need all of our help. Also, thank you for supporting ChocolateBlue, as a large part of it's proceeds are helping support our journey in bringing our sweet girl home.
I have included some new pics of frames that I have made this past year. Last spring I introduced the "MOM" frame, and plan to bring something new to ChocolateBlue early this spring. I am having the itch to do something a little different -- I'll keep you posted!!
His love and peace to you and your family -- always.

" 1 Corinthians"

"psalm 139"